IP versions in an action list

Configuring PBR actions of different IP versions in the same PBR action list is not supported. This limitation applies to the next-hop and default-nexthop actions specifically. If an action of one IP version is already configured, configuring an action with a different IP version in the same action list will be blocked. This limitation applies regardless of whether the action list is part of a policy, applied to an interface or whether any of the entries are selected or not.

Furthermore, use cases similar to the following are not supported:

  • Applying a PBR action list with entries of one IP version (for example IPv4 next-hop) to an interface of the other IP version (for example a route-only port with an IPv6 address only).

  • Creating a policy entry with a class of one IP version and a PBR action list with entries of the other IP version.

Configuration mismatches while not prevented are not supported and behavior is not defined. At best, traffic will not reach its intended destination.