Aruba Network Analytic agents introduction

An Aruba Network Analytics Engine agent is a specifically-configured executable instance of an NAE script on a switch. When the agent is enabled, it performs the tasks defined by the script. Agents have administrator rights.

For scripts that provide configuration parameters, different agents can be configured to use specific parameter values when performing the tasks defined by the script.

For example, a script that monitors the connection state of a particular BGP neighbor can define a parameter to specify which BGP neighbor to monitor. From that script, you can do the following:

  • You can create an agent to monitor a specific BGP neighbor by specifying that BGP neighbor as the value of the parameter.

  • You can create multiple agents—one for each BGP neighbor you want to monitor.

  • When a new BGP neighbor is added, you can create an agent to monitor that neighbor without having to change the script itself.

Some parameters that are integers—such as a CPU utilization threshold—can be changed for a given agent after that agent has been created. Network administrators can change such parameters easily through the Web UI—no programming skill is required.