Built-in scripts and agents

Built-in scripts and agents are installed on the switch before the switch is shipped from the factory. All scripts and agents have information about their origin associated with them. Built-in scripts and agents have an origin of "system" and are marked System Created in the Web UI.

Built-in scripts and agents cannot be deleted. You can enable, disable, and change the configuration of built-in agents.

If you create an additional agent from a built-in script, that agent is considered a user-created agent, which can be deleted.

In the output of the show running-config command:

  • Built-in scripts are not displayed

  • Built-in agents are displayed only if one of more parameters has been changed and saved.

The current software release includes a single built-in script and agent that monitors several system resources:

  • Built-in script: system_resource_monitor.1.0

  • Built-in agent: system_resource_monitor.1.0.default