Interfaces — PoE


This view displays the PoE information for the switch. In a stack, the power information will not be displayed for non-PoE switches.

  • The box view and port table data is updated every 30 seconds.

  • The detail view is updated every 3 seconds.

PoE Port List: Displays a list of all PoE physical ports on the device. Non-PoE ports are not shown. Use the pagination control at the bottom of the table to page though the port list.

PoE Box View: Visual representation of the physical view of the device including hardware status and ports. Active and disabled ports display the corresponding status indicator inside the port image.

PoE Port Details: The PoE Port Details panel provides detailed information on the configuration, power usage, and statistics of a selected port. A port can be selected using the Box View or the port table.

Filter PoE Port Table: The display dropdown and filter icon can be used to show/hide table columns and filter the table results based on the user-specified options. Select either tool to begin filtering.

PoE Port Configuration: Configure a port by selecting the Edit Ports icon in the upper right corner of the toolbar at the top of the table. The configuration panel opens to allow for port selection and option configuration. By default, the selected port will be edited.