Downloading and installing software from a PC or Unix workstation

Downloading and installing software from a PC or Unix workstation

To download software from a PC or Unix workstation:


Before you download and install software from a PC or Unix workstation, insure that:

  • The switch is connected via the Console RS-232 port to a PC operating as a terminal. (See your switch Installation and Getting Started Guide for information on connecting a PC as a terminal and running the switch console interface.)

  • The switch software is stored on a disk drive in the PC.

  • The terminal emulator you are using includes the Xmodem binary transfer feature. (For example, in the HyperTerminal application included with most Windows systems, the Send File option in the Transfer drop-down menu supports the Xmodem protocol.)

  1. To reduce the download time, you may want to increase the baud rate in your terminal emulator and in the switch to a value such as 115,200 bits per second. (The baud rate must be the same in both devices.) For example, to change the baud rate in the switch to 115200, execute this command:
    switch(config)# console baud-rate 115200

    (If you use this option, be sure to set your terminal emulator to the same baud rate.)

    Changing the console baud-rate requires saving to the Startup Config with the write memory command. Alternatively, you can log out of the switch and change your terminal emulator speed and allow the switch to Auto-Detect your new higher baud rate (that is, 115,200 bps)
  2. Use the following CLI command, specifying the primary or secondary flash destination:
    copy xmodem flash [ primary | secondary ]

    For example, the following command specifies the primary flash destination:

    switch# copy xmodem flash primary
    The primary OS image will be deleted. continue [y/n]? Y
    Press ‘Enter’ and start XMODEM on your host...
  3. Execute the terminal emulator commands to begin the Xmodem transfer. For example, using HyperTerminal:
    1. Click Transfer, then Send File.
    2. Type the file path and name in the Filename field.
    3. In the Protocol field, select Xmodem.
    4. Click Send button.

    The download can take several minutes, depending on the baud rate used in the transfer.

  4. If you increased the baud rate on the switch (1), use the same command to return it to its previous setting. (A baud rate of 9600 bits per second is recommended for most applications.) Remember to return your terminal emulator to the same baud rate as the switch.
  5. Use the show flash command to verify that the new software version is in the expected flash area (primary or secondary).
  6. Reboot the switch from the flash area (primary or secondary) that holds the new software, using the following command:
    boot system flash [ primary | secondary ]
    After the switch reboots, it displays the CLI or Main Menu, depending on the Logon Default setting last configured in the menu’s Switch Setup screen.