Downloading and installing software from a TFTP server

  1. Use the following command, specifying the filename and the primary or secondary flash destination:
    copy tftp flash <ip-address> <remote-os-file> [ primary | secondary ]

    Note that if you do not specify the flash destination, the TFTP download defaults to the primary flash.

    For example, to download a software file named K_15_10_0001.swi from a TFTP server with the IP address of to the primary flash destination, execute the copy command as shown below:
    switch# copy tftp flash K_15_10_0001.swi
    The primary OS image will be deleted. continue
    continue[y/n]? Y
  2. When the switch finishes downloading the software file from the server, it displays the progress message
    Validating and Writing System Software to FLASH...
  3. When the CLI prompt reappears, the switch is ready to reboot to activate the downloaded software:
    1. Use the show flash command to verify that the new software version is in the expected flash area (primary or secondary).
    2. Reboot the switch from the flash area (primary or secondary) that holds the new software, using the following command:
      boot system flash [ primary | secondary ]

      After the switch reboots, it displays the CLI or Main Menu, depending on the Logon Default setting last configured in the menu’s Switch Setup screen.

  4. Verify the software version by displaying the system information for the switch (for example, through the show system-information command), and viewing the Software revision field.