OpenFlow Meters

The OpenFlow meters are available on all products mentioned in the Applicable products section.

Meter types

Supports the following meter types:


Meter bands and rates

Supports the following bands in meters:

  • OFPMBT_DSCP_REMARK (not supported for v1 platforms)

Considerations for a meter band
  • A minimum of one band is required.

  • A single OpenFlow meter can have either one or two bands.

  • Does not support two bands of type OFPMBT_DROP.

  • The rate associated with the OFPMBT_DROP band must be higher than the rate associated with the OFPMBT_DSCP_REMARK band.

  • The precision level associated with an OFPMBT_DSCP_REMARK band must be less than or equal to seven.

  • Modification of an existing meter is supported on instances running custom pipeline model. For instances running Standard-match or IP-control pipeline model, you cannot modify an existing meter without the OFPMBT_DSCP_REMARK band, with a meter having OFPMBT_DROP band and vice-versa.