Meter statistics, scale, and limitations

Meter statistics

For meter statistics, you can use both aggregated and per band packet and byte counters.

Meter scale

  • Instances running pipeline model such as standard-match or custom use meters from different pools.

  • 2046 is the global limit for number of meters for instances running pipeline model such as standard-match and IP-control. All instances running in either of these two pipeline models use meters from this pool.

    The openflow limit policy-engine-usage command is used for determining the meter scale. By default, a total of 1,022 meters are available (default value of policy-engine-usage is 50%).

  • The global limit of number of meters is 2,000 for instances running in custom pipeline model.

Meter limitations

  • If the corresponding match does not have Ethernet type set to IPv4 or IPv6, the meter with a DSCP Remark meter band will be rejected.

  • For standard-match and IP-control pipeline models:
    • Meters are not supported on software tables (200 to 203).

    • OpenFlow rules with OFPIT_METER instruction having OFPMBT_DSCP_REMARK band is not supported with OFPIT_GOTO_TABLE and OFPAT_OUTPUT to OFPP_CONTROLLER.