PIM-DM DT is not VLAN specific. PIM-DM DT can be configured on any VLAN to enable PIM-DM DT. For more information, see Distributed Trunking chapter in the Management and Configuration Guide of your switch.

  • When PIM-DM DT are enabled, the feature is in place.

  • PIM-SM can be configured with DT.

  • v1 modules must be disabled prior to PIM-DM DT. Module v1 is available with either feature individually but not when enabled together. Use the [no] allow-v1-modules command to disable V1 modules. If PIM-DM DT is enabled first, a v1 module will fail.

  • With v1 modules allowed, PIM and DT must be configured as a first configuration.

  • In multiple VLANs, the configurations can be in combinations of DT and PIM-DM. The PIM-DM DT feature must be enabled on first combination of PIM-DM DT and disabled when the last pair is un-configured. There can be multiple such pairs but each is not strictly bound to the same VLAN.

For information on the [no] allow-v1-modules command, see the Management and Configuration Guide for your switch.


DT trunks can use jumbo VLAN as usual, but user needs to ensure that jumbo is configured on both the DT pairs, otherwise packet drops/fragmentations can be seen.