Error Log

On configuring Distributed Trunking on a VLAN where PIM-SM is already configured the following errors may appear.

Error Log




Configure DT when PIM enabled


Cannot configure Distributed Trunking on a VLAN port that has PIM-SM configured.


Cannot configure Distributed Trunking because PIM-SM is enabled on DEFAULT VLAN.

Configure PIM-SM when DT enabled


Cannot configure PIM-SM on a VLAN that has Distributed Trunking configured.

V1 module with PIM-DM DT

Enabling V1 module with PIM-DM & DT are enabled on the same VLAN.

Cannot enable V1 modules when PIM-DM and Distributed Trunking are configured on the same VLAN.

  Enabling PIM-DM or DT when V1 module is allowed.

PIM-DM and Distributed Trunking cannot be configured on the same VLAN when V1 modules are enabled.


Distributed Trunking between different type of switches is not supported. If the switch platforms do not match, an error message will return similar to inconsistent criteria.