IGMP proxy forwarding

When a network has a border router connecting a PIM-SM domain to a PIM-DM domain, the routers that are completely within the PIM-DM domain have no way to discover multicast flows in the PIM-SM domain. When an IGMP join occurs on a router entirely within the PIM-DM domain for a flow that originates within the PIM-SM domain, it is never forwarded to the PIM-SM domain.

The IGMP proxy is a way to propagate IGMP joins across router boundaries. The proxy triggers the boundary router connected to a PIM-SM domain to query for multicast flows and forward them to the PIM-DM domain. IGMP needs to be configured on all VLAN interfaces on which the proxy is to be forwarded or received, and PIM-DM must be running for the traffic to be forwarded.

You can configure an IGMP proxy on a selected VLAN that will forward IP joins (reports) and IGMP leaves to the upstream border router between the two multicast domains. You must specify the VLANs on which the proxy is enabled as well as the address of the border router to which the joins are forwarded.