VLAN context command

This command is performed when in VLAN context mode. When a query occurs on the upstream interface, an IGMP join is sent for all multicast addresses that are currently joined on the downstream interface.


igmp-proxy <domain-name>
no igmp-proxy <domain-name>

Tells the VLAN which IGMP proxy domains to use with joins on the VLAN.

The no version of the command with no domain name specified removes all domains associated with this VLAN.


Multiple different domains may be configured in the same VLAN context where the VLAN is considered the downstream interface. The domain name must exist prior to using this command to add the domain. If the unicast routing path to the specified IP address was through the specified VLAN, no proxy IGMP would occur, that is, a proxy is not sent back out on the VLAN that the IGMP join came in on.

If no unicast route exists to the border router, no proxy IGMP packets are sent.