Viewing the content of all ACLs on the switch

This command lists the configuration details for the IPv4 and IPv6 ACLs in the running-config file, regardless of whether any are actually assigned to filter IPv4 traffic on specific VLANs.


show access-list config

List the configured syntax for all IPv4 and IPv6 ACLs currently configured on the switch.


Notice that you can use the output from this command for input to an offline text file in which you can edit, add, or delete ACL commands. See Enabling ACL logging on the switch.

This information also appears in the show running display. If you executed write memory after configuring an ACL, it appears in the show config display.

An ACL configured syntax listing shows the ACLs on a switch configured with two IPv6 ACLs named "Accounting" and "List-01-Inbound", and one extended IPv4 ACL named "101":

An ACL configured syntax listing