HPE Synergy Firmware Feature Comparison Table

For HPE Synergy Management Combination 5.0

The following table provides new supported features for the selected HPE Synergy Management Combination and HPE Synergy Custom SPPs.

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HPE Synergy Custom SPP


HPE Synergy Custom SPP -- Core SPP Date Mar-19
New HPE Synergy Hardware 
HPE VC SE 100Gb F32 Module for HPE Synergy (FW version)
HPE Synergy 50Gb Interconnect Link Module (25/50Gb Satellite module)
HPE Synergy 6820C 25/50Gb Converged Network Adapter
HPE Synergy Composer2 Management Appliance
HPE Synergy 4-port Frame Link Module
Existing HPE Synergy hardware 
HPE VC SE 40Gb F8 Module for HPE Synergy (FW version)
HPE VC SE 32Gb FC Module for HPE Synergy Supported
HPE VC SE 16Gb FC Module for HPE Synergy Supported
HPE Synergy Composer (1st gen) Management Appliance Supported
HPE Synergy 2-port Frame Link Module Supported
HPE Synergy Composer2 features  
Gen10 Architecture 
UEFI and iLO 5
8-core processor with 64Gb memory
User interface responsiveness enhancements
Performance improvements for operations at scale
iLO Remote Access 
iLO access for remote datacenter management
Remote power controls, remote console, and re-imaging using iLO Virtual Media
Secure boot to validate Composer2 firmware to the iLO "Silicon Root of Trust"
Composer2 iLO access uses CNSA security mode (secure by default)
HPE Composer (1st gen) and HPE Composer2 features  
Virtual Connect Fabric and Networking 
Advanced L2 features for 100Gb HPE Synergy VC Interconnect Module
HPE Synergy IPv6 support with device assignment/address pools Supported
Large network set support
Arista ToR support Supported
'Update from Group' progress indicator enhancements for Logical Interconnects (LI) Supported
Brocade REST API (FOS) for BNA replacement Supported
Supportability and Remote Support 
Firmware update task cancellation capability Supported
'Global secondary contact' added in HPE OneView Remote Support Supported
Support Dump previews Supported
Data-at-rest encryption in HPE Synergy Composer Supported
Template and Profile Enhancements 
Cluster profile 'rolling cluster update' for VMware vSAN Supported
Consistency Reporting for FW & BIOS (Server Profile to Server Hardware Supported
Firmware updates 
Firmware Compliance Dashboard for Gen10-based servers Supported
Server firmware 'retries during failure' enhancements Supported
Fine-grained progress indicators during firmware update process Supported
Additional enhancements 
iLO Configuration for Hostname & Key manager setup Supported
'Noisy alert' suppression enhancements Supported
Display-of-progress reporting enhancements for long-running tasks Supported
WCAG 2.0 Accessibility standards for Keyboard Operations Supported
HPE Synergy Image Streamer features  
Pre-upgrade health checks of HPE Synergy Image Streamer management and storage clusters Supported
Interconnect SFP+ ports (X1 & X2) support on 'VC SE 100Gb F32 Module for HPE Synergy' for Image Streamer use
HPE Synergy Composer2 operations support by Image Streamer

OS deployment artifacts for Image Streamer operation with:

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP3 and SP4 versions

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server OS with BTRFS filesystem using artifacts with FAT32 content

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6 version

Red Hat Enterprise Linux OS with XFS filesystem using artifacts with FAT32 content

Support tools bundles into Image Streamer (for health check use by HPE Support) Supported