HPE Synergy Firmware Feature Comparison Table

For HPE Synergy Management Combination 4.2

The following table provides new supported features for the selected HPE Synergy Management Combination and HPE Synergy Custom SPPs.

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HPE Synergy Custom SPP


HPE Synergy Custom SPP -- Core SPP Date Mar-19
HPE VC SE 40Gb F8 Module Firmware
HPE Synergy Composer 4.2  
HPE Synergy Compute Modules  
Gen10 support for Intel Xeon Scalable Family Gen2 processors Supported
SD Card Boot Option Supported
HPE iLO Inventory: Gen10+/iLO5 Supported
HPE Synergy D3940 Manual Drive Selection: Logical JBOD Supported
HPE Synergy Fabric  
HPE Synergy Adapters: 4620C (CNA), 5330C & 5830C (FC HBAs), 4610C (Ethernet) Supported
HPE Synergy 32Gb VC-FC Interconnect Module (ICM) Supported
HPE Synergy 32Gb Brocade Switch Supported
8 Physical Functions for HPE Synergy NICs Supported
HPE Synergy ICMs: s-Flow support Supported
HPE Synergy ICMs: Private vLANs Supported
HPE Synergy ICMs: Configuration of the LACP load-balancing modes Supported
HPE Synergy ICMs: FC Port Statistics in Fabric & Direct Attach modes Supported
FCoE over MLAG Supported
Interconnect Resource Utilization: health, temp, power, CPU, memory Supported
Arista ToR Switch Lifecycle Management with Synergy VC modules Supported
Use Enhancements  
Configure HPE iLO users from Server Profile Supported
Audit log forwarding Supported
Show LI inconsistencies with LIG Supported
Maintenance Mode: Suppress alerts on FW updates Supported
Custom SPPs: Repository uploads for non-standard SPPs Supported
Visualize downlink-to-uplink port mapping for Synergy VC-FC Supported
Partial Compliance Tracking for Template control checks (Full-Partial-None) Supported
ESX- Rolling Cluster enhancements (pre-flight checks) Supported
Online HPE iLO NAND updates for security, performance, reliability Supported
Nimble integration Supported
Boot-from-SAN Storage configuration Supported
Composer Data-at-rest Encryption Supported
Supportability & Remote Support  
HPE Synergy Storage support (D3940 Storage Module, SAS ICM) Supported
Core Software 
Capability to Stage Changes from Template online updates Supported
One-time Boot for Server Hardware Supported
HPE Synergy Image Streamer 4.2  
Certificate Manager UI for Primary & Secondary Appliances Supported
VMware ESXi 6.7 U1 enablement Supported
Microsoft Windows Server 2019 enablement Supported
Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2019 enablement Supported