VMware OS support tool for HPE Synergy

VMware OS versions

This tool provides information for using VMware ESXi releases with HPE Synergy Custom SPPs.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise provides VMware ESXi images for HPE servers that integrate the VMware ESXI drivers and management software required to run ESXi on HPE servers. Observe the following:

  • These images are provided as a starting point to ensure a successful installation.

  • Required patches and security updates may be installed from VMware. Installed updates will be reflected with a build number higher than the build number delivered in the HPE custom images.

  • You may optionally add, remove, or update the HPE Offline Bundles as needed.

  • Driver updates may be required to match a supported HPE Synergy Software Release as documented on these pages.

  • You can update VMware ESXi and vSphere using the standard VMware update tools.

  • Although drivers may be obtained through other resources, such as vibsdepot, the resulting HPE Synergy firmware and driver versions that are installed must be compliant with the chosen HPE Synergy Management combination and HPE Synergy Custom SPP.

  • March 2020 and December 2019 HPE ESXi Images for VMware ESXi 6.5U3 and 6.7U3 are not compatible on HPE Synergy.

  • The May 2020 HPE ESXi 6.7 U3 and 6.5 U3 images are available on the VMware ESXi images for HPE Servers website. To access them, select the appropriate HPE ESXi version and once logged into VMware's download site, scroll down to the "Synergy Custom Images" section and select the Install CD.

  • If you require access to the August 2019 HPE ESXi images for HPE Synergy, contact the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Support Center to request access.

Select an HPE ESXi Custom Image from the table below. Then, select an associated HPE Synergy Custom SPP to view information about VMware OS support.

VMware OS Versions