VMware OS support

HPE Synergy Custom SPP 2020.07.01

VMware OS version: VMware ESXi 7.0 (HPE Synergy Aug 2020)

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HPE Synergy Management combination

HPE Synergy Composer 5.4 / HPE Synergy Image Streamer 5.20.1

HPE Synergy Composer 5.3 / HPE Synergy Image Streamer 5.2

HPE Synergy Composer 5.2 / HPE Synergy Image Streamer 5.2

HPE Custom Image HPE Synergy Custom ESXi Image for VMware ESXi7.0 (HPE Synergy Aug 2020)
HPE Custom Image Identifier oem-build-700.
Driver updates None required
HPE Management Services Updates None required
Base OS Image VMware base build 7.0.0-1.25.16324942
vSAN certification status Gen10 only


VMware ESXi 7.0 is currently only supported on Gen10 servers.

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