Artifacts are entities that combine to either perform deployment of servers or capture operating system images. In Image Streamer, artifacts include Plan Script (PS), OS Build Plan (BP), Golden Image (GI), and Deployment Plan (DP). Once the OS deployment server of type Image Streamer is added in HPE OneView, the Image Streamer appliance can be made available on the management network. Then, you can use the Image Streamer user interface to create and modify these artifacts.

Plan Scripts play an important role in the deployment and capture processes by implementing the functionality. OS Build Plans specify an execution sequence of Plan Scripts in the form of steps in the user defined order. An OS Build Plan with Deploy type Plan Script is used to deploy servers. An OS Build Plan with Capture type Plan Script is used to capture images from compute modules.

Golden Image is the block-for-block copy of a previously installed operating system which is generalized to remove configuration content specific to a server instance. It is always in the form of a compressed file.

Deployment Plans typically contain OS Build Plans and Golden Images, and are used by a server profile in HPE OneView to create bootable or empty OS volumes. Empty OS volumes can be used to install an operating system which can later be captured to create a Golden Image.

A Deployment Plan can contain OS Build Plans without a Golden Image.