System attributes

Image Streamer allows you to access the OS volume and iSCSI initiator details using system attributes in Plan Scripts. System attributes have a similar syntax as that of custom attributes. During personalization, the system attributes are retrieved from Image Streamer or Image Streamer and are replaced with the corresponding attributes mentioned in the Plan Script.

The system attributes that are supported for accessing OS volume details are:

Device id of the OS volume that is mounted during personalization. This system attribute has a fixed value of/dev/sda

Name of the OS volume


IP address of the OS volume


Port of the OS volume


The logical unit number of the OS volume

The system attributes that are supported for accessing iSCSI initiator volume details are:
iSCSI Initiator 1


MAC address of Initiator 1

IQN of initiator 1


IP address of Initiator 1


Subnet mask of Initiator 1

iSCSI Initiator 2


MAC address of Initiator 2

IQN of initiator 2


IP address of Initiator 2


Subnet mask of Initiator 2

If the Plan Script contains system attributes that correspond to iSCSI initiator 2 for a single frame configuration which has a single interconnect module, they are left unexpanded. For example: @_Initiator2.netmask@ in a single frame configuration is not expanded.