State of an OS volume

The State of the OS volume provides information about the health of the OS volume. Always check the state of an OS volume before making any major changes.

Some of the common possible states for the OS volume and their respective indications are:
  • OK - Everything is fine with the OS volume.

  • Degraded - The replication status of the OS volume when one of the replicated nodes is down.

  • Transitioning - The replication status of the OS volume is changing, it is not normal or degraded.

  • Resyncing - The OS volume is resyncing.

  • Restriping - The OS volume is restriping.

  • Error - The OS volume has errors because one or more conditions for an OS volume to be OK is not fulfilled.

  • Unrecoverable - The OS volume has unrecoverable I/O errors.

If the OS volume state stays in any other state than OK when both the nodes in a cluster are healthy for more than a couple of hours, contact your authorized support representative with the issue details.