Browser best practices for a secure environment

Best practice


Use supported browsers

See the HPE OneView Support Matrix to ensure that your browser and browser version are supported and the appropriate browser plug-ins and settings are configured.

Log out of the appliance before you close the browser

In the browser, a cookie stores the session ID of the authenticated user. Although the cookie is deleted when you close the browser, the session is valid on the appliance until you log out. Logging out ensures that the session on the appliance is invalidated.


If you close the browser, any open sessions will be invalidated within 24 hours.

Avoid linking to or from sites outside of the appliance UI

When you are logged in to the appliance, avoid clicking links to or from sites outside the appliance UI, such as links sent to you in email or instant messages. Content outside the appliance UI might contain malicious code.

Use a different browser to access sites outside the appliance

When you are logged in to the appliance, avoid browsing to other sites using the same browser instance (for example, via a separate tab in the same browser).

For example, to ensure a separate browsing environment, use Firefox for the appliance UI, and use Chrome for non-appliance browsing.