About reclaiming the Image Streamer appliance

Any Image Streamer appliance inserted into an appliance bay must be claimed by HPE OneView before it can be used for OS deployment. Once you insert an Image Streamer appliance into an appliance bay, HPE OneView attempts to claim the appliance.

You can monitor the progress of the appliance claim in the Activity view on the SERVERS > Enclosures screen of the HPE OneView user interface. The icons next to the Image Streamer appliances on this screen indicate if the appliance is powered on and if there are any hardware issues.

If there is an issue in the claim process and the Image Streamer appliance must be reset, an alert is displayed on the Enclosures screen. The alert provides you the details of the issue and a link to factory reset the Image Streamer appliance and reinitiate the claim process.

If the Image Streamer appliance has been claimed once before in the same HPE Synergy Composer domain, HPE OneView remembers the credentials for a factory reset and completes the procedure without further user intervention.

If the Image Streamer appliance has not been claimed by HPE OneView earlier because it was used in a different HPE Synergy Composer domain or because the Composer has been reimaged, a dialog box prompts you to enter the credentials. Once you enter the correct credentials that were set in the previously claimed HPE Synergy Composer domain, the Image Streamer appliance is reset and the claim process is initiated.

This action erases the previously configured OS volumes, network settings, and logs.

If you do not know the credentials for resetting the appliance, you must reimage the Image Streamer appliance.

When a factory reset is performed from the Image Streamer maintenance console, the alert link for claiming the appliance is not displayed in the HPE OneView user interface. From the maintenance console, you must use the REST API to initiate the claim. You can access the HPE OneView API Reference from the help sidebar in HPE OneView.