Recommendations for Plan Script syntax

The following recommendations can be considered while creating a Plan Script:
  1. Do not include the following guestfish commands in the Plan Script since Image Streamer automatically initiates these commands while mounting the OS volume:
    • guestfish

    • add <disk.img>

    • run

  2. According to guestfish convention,
    • Any file path that begins with / refers to a file path in the mounted file system of the Golden Image.

    • Any file path that begins with ./ refers to a temporary space provided by Image Streamer appliance. This temporary space can be used to store temporary files during personalization or generalization.

      The temporary space is cleared after the personalization or generalization process.

  3. You can initiate bash commands by using !. You can also embed the bash commands using heredoc syntax.

  4. When a Plan Script is executed, the execution result is logged in the deployment log. To create additional log messages, use the following syntax:

    echo "ImageStreamerLog: [log message]"

  5. The @ character is used to mention custom attributes in Plan Scripts. So if you want to use the @ character for a different purpose, you must use @@ instead of @.