Initial configuration of Image Streamer

HPE OneView uses Image Streamer appliances to make it possible to deploy stateless servers.

The order in which you configure HPE OneView resources to support the use of Image Streamer appliances can differ depending on whether the Image Streamer devices are present during initial HPE Synergy setup, or if the Image Streamer devices are added at a later time, after first-time setup of the HPE Synergy configuration is already completed.

HPE OneView Help provides a first-time setup guide to tasks that include notation on Image Streamer configuration where relevant. The idea is that you configure resources for Image Streamer appliances at the same time that you are configuring the same resources for other purposes as well.

About adding Image Streamer devices to an existing Synergy configuration provides a guide to tasks specific to Image Streamer configuration. Use these instructions when you add Image Streamer devices to an existing configuration. HPE Oneview raises alerts when the configuration combination fails a validity check. About HPE Image Streamer cabling and configuration validation check in HPE OneView provides information about configuration validation and incorrect cabling combinations.

The Image Streamer deployment workflow provides an interactive walk through the number of steps required for setting up and using Image Streamer for OS deployment.

Once configuration of Image Streamer for management in HPE OneView is complete, you can prepare the Image Streamer deployment server for use and configure HPE OneView to deploy operating systems to server hardware. For more information on performing these tasks, see HPE OneView Help.