Extract an artifact bundle

Adding or creating an artifact bundle does not actually create the artifacts on the appliance. Performing an extract operation on the artifact bundle adds the artifacts to the appliance. You can extract an artifact bundle multiple times.


Privileges: Infrastructure administrator or Software administrator.

  1. Select Artifact Bundles from the main menu.
  2. Select an artifact bundle in the master pane.
  3. Select Extract from the Actions menu.
  4. Click OK on the extract dialog.

    When you click OK, the artifacts will be analyzed for naming conflicts. Depending upon the size of the artifact bundle, the analysis for naming conflicts may take some time.

    The extract operation succeeds if there are no name conflicts between the artifacts in the bundle and the appliance. If there are name conflicts, another confirmatory dialog box appears and lists all the conflicted artifacts.

    1. Analyze the conflicted artifacts list before confirming extraction. If you confirm extraction, the artifacts are renamed and extracted.

      The artifacts in the bundle are renamed only after you confirm as they are copied on the appliance.

    If all the artifacts in the artifact bundle are already present in the appliance, a dialog informs you that nothing will be extracted from this bundle.