Create a Golden Image

After the Infrastructure administrator customizes an empty volume and deploys the operating system, a Golden Image can be created from the same volume using image capture. The capture process is also known as generalization. There are two types of generalization, namely complete generalization and partial generalization. Capture process is achieved by using an OS Build Plan of type Capture.

The following process creates a captured Golden Image either from a deployed server or an OS volume.

  • Privileges: Infrastructure administrator, Software administrator

  • To avoid any file system inconsistencies in the captured Golden Image, ensure that the server running from this OS volume is shut down during the capture process.

  1. Select Golden Images from the main menu.
  2. Use one of the following options:
    1. Select Create golden image in the master pane
    2. Select Create from the Actions menu.
  3. Perform the following actions in the Create Golden Image dialog:
    1. Enter a description for the Golden Image to be created.
    2. Search and specify an OS volume that is used to create a Golden Image.
    3. Search and specify a relevant OS Build Plan of type capture.

      This field is mandatory.

  4. Click Create to create a Golden Image.