Create an artifact bundle


Privileges: Infrastructure administrator, Software administrator, or Backup administrator.

  1. Select Artifact Bundles from the main menu.
  2. Use one of the following options:
    1. Select Create artifact bundle in the master pane.
    2. Select Create from the Actions menu.
  3. Enter a name and description for the artifact bundle.
  4. Add the required artifacts from the listed artifacts to your artifact bundle. The list contains the artifacts that are not present in the current artifact bundle.
    1. To add Deployment Plans, click Add deployment plan. Select one or more Deployment Plans from the list and click Add or Add+.
    2. To add OS Build Plans, click Add OS build plan. Select one or more OS Build Plans from the list and click Add or Add+.
    3. To add Golden Images, click Add golden images. Select one or more Golden Images from the list and click Add or Add+.
    4. To add Plan Scripts, click Add plan script. Select one or more Plan Scripts from the list and click Add or Add+.

    Adding a higher-level artifact for an artifact bundle automatically adds the dependent artifacts. For each of the added artifacts, select the Read-only option as required. When you set a top-level artifact as read-only, then all the associated artifacts also become read-only.

  5. Review all the newly added artifacts. You can add and remove one or more artifacts that you have selected for the artifact bundle.

    If you remove one or more artifacts using the icon, the artifact is removed immediately from the artifact bundle unless used by other artifacts. If the artifact is used, the information about the references is displayed and you cannot remove it.

  6. Click Create to create the artifact bundle with the selected artifacts.