About monitoring health

General health monitoring steps

Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends the following best practices to monitor the health of the resources in your environment.

Monitoring step

Related information

  1. Navigate to the Activity screen and filter activities, using the filtering options that work best for the situation.

    You can also start from the Dashboard screen to see alerts for specific resources.

About Activity

  1. Navigate to a specific resource screen to view the specific activities for that resource.

    On the resource screen, verify the state of the resource instances via health status icons.

  2. Investigate each resource instance with a warning or error status.

Icon descriptions

  1. Expand critical and warning alerts to see their full descriptions, and click Event details to view additional information about the event(s) that caused the alert.

  1. Follow the instructions in the recommended resolution (if any) or research the alert to correct the problem.

    If an alert is Active and no action is required, you can clear the alert. If an alert is Locked, you cannot clear the alert without fixing the condition that caused it.


Monitoring health of Image Streamer

You can monitor the Image Streamer appliance health using the aforementioned general health monitoring steps and also by navigating to the Deployment Appliances screen of the user interface. The Cluster configuration details on the Deployment Appliances display the management and the storage cluster health status.

During a firmware update to update the Frame Link Module and Interconnect Modules, the update proceeds only if the Image Streamer appliance cluster health status is OK and if the cabling for Image Streamer is in place. If the update is blocked due to an unhealthy Image Streamer appliance or improper cabling, an alert is displayed. You can also view the details of the alert and a resolution for the error using the Activity screen.