Deployment groups

A Deployment group displays the overall group configuration. The deployment group interface provides information about the number of appliances or members in the group that are managed by HPE OneView. Only one deployment group can exist at a time.

Some important fields in the details pane of Deployment groups screen are:
  • In the General section, the management network field displays the link to the networks page in HPE OneView. This network is used for assigning the IP addresses to the appliances in the group.

    Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends to tag the Image Streamer management network. The tagging does not result in the Frame Link Module management port be configured for tagging. Access to HPE OneView and Image Streamer through the management ports continues to be untagged. It is necessary and mandatory to configure the management network as tagged to allow connection between the management and HPE Synergy Interconnects at a later point in time. For more information, see HPE OneView Help.

  • In the Deployment Appliances section, the icon beside the deployment appliance name indicates the health status of the deployment appliance.

  • In the Backup Bundle section, the current backup bundle field provides an option to create a backup bundle if none exists.