When to create a management network for Image Streamer

It can be faster to modify an existing management network to use with Image Streamer than to create a new one. Therefore, check the management network settings under Settings > Network in HPE OneView GUI to see if any management networks have been defined.

NOTE: Any management network used for Image Streamer must also include the IP address for HPE OneView in its configuration.

If a management network is defined, but contains only the HPE OneView IP address and no VLAN, it is faster to delete the management network and then recreate it to support Image Streamer.

If a management network is defined that contains the HPE OneView IP address and a VLAN or other attributes, modify that management network for use with Image Streamer.

If no management networks have been defined, create the management network for Image Streamer.

For instructions on creating, modifying, and deleting management networks, see HPE OneView Help.