Commonly used browser features and settings



Screen resolution

For optimum performance, the minimum screen size is 1280 × 1024 pixels for desktop monitors and 1280 × 800 for laptop displays. The minimum supported screen size is 1024 × 768 pixels.


US English, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese are the supported languages.

Close window

You can close browser windows at any time. Closing the window while you are logged in invalidates your session after 24 hours.

Copy and paste

You can select and copy most text, with the exception of text in images. You can paste text into text entry boxes.

Search in a screen

Press Ctrl+F to search for text in the current screen.

Local history

Right-click the browser back button to view the history of the active tab. Use this feature to determine how you arrived at the current screen.

Back and forward buttons

You can use the browser back and forward buttons to navigate the UI.


Pop-up dialog boxes are not considered screens. If you click the back button while a pop-up dialog box is displayed, you return to the previous screen.

If you click the forward button to go to a pop-up dialog box, you go instead to the screen with the link to the pop-up dialog box.

The exceptions are screens that you access directly from the Actions menu. If you use the browser navigation buttons with these screens, you lose any unsaved changes you made on the screens.


You can create bookmarks for commonly-used screens. You can email these links to other users, who must log in and have the appropriate authorization for the screen.

Open screens in a new tab or window

Right-click a hyperlink in the appliance to a resource or screen to open the link in a new tab or window.


If you right-click a link while in an edit screen, the actions you take on another screen do not automatically refresh the form in the first screen.

Browser refresh

If you click the browser refresh button to refresh a screen on which you have added but not saved information, you lose the information.

Zoom in/zoom out

Use the zoom in or zoom out feature to increase or decrease the text size.


HPE OneView controls the login session for Image Streamer. If you are using bookmarks that may need re-authentication, you will be redirected to HPE OneView.