Performing an action on multiple resources

For some actions, you can select multiple resources in the master pane rather than performing the action on one resource at a time. For example, you can power on many server blades with one operation. Each action on a resource instance is logged individually in the Activity screen.

If the action cannot be performed on a specific resource instance, the resource is excluded from the action. For example, if you try to power on a server that is already powered on, the action is not performed on that server. Opening the activity sidebar for an action displays the results, which in this example, shows that one server was powered on and two were excluded:

If any resource is excluded from the action, a critical or warning icon is displayed. A resource is excluded if the action is not possible, such as attempting to delete a server profile for a powered-on server. If multiple resources are excluded, select a single resource and try the action again to determine why a resource was excluded.

Use the following key combinations to select multiple resources in the master pane:

  • To select a contiguous range of objects, select the resource at the beginning of the range and press Shift and hold as you select the end of the range.

  • To select individual objects, press Ctrl and hold as you point to and select each object.

Use the Ctrl key to unselect any previously-selected objects.