About tasks

All user-initiated or system-initiated tasks are reported as activities:

  • User-initiated tasks are created when a user adds, creates, removes, updates, or deletes resources.

  • Other tasks are created by processes running on the appliance, such as gathering utilization data for a server.

The task log provides a valuable source of information that you can use to resolve an issue. You can determine the type of task performed, whether the task was completed, when the task was completed, and who initiated the task.

The types of tasks are:

Task type



A user-initiated task, such as creating, editing, or removing an enclosure group or a network set


An appliance-initiated task, such as updating utilization data


A task performed in the background. This type of task is not displayed in the log.


The appliance maintains a tasks database that holds information for approximately six months' worth of tasks or 50,000 tasks. If the tasks database exceeds 50,000 tasks, blocks of 500 tasks are deleted until the count is fewer than 50,000. Tasks older than six months are removed from the database.

The tasks database and the stored alerts database are separate.