Reimaging the appliance with the preloaded USB drive

Reimaging the appliance is required if you replace the disk or, in a clustered configuration, if the firmware on the appliance that you are reinserting does not match the firmware of the appliance currently in operation.


This operation destroys data on the reimaged appliance.


  • The system is prepared for removal of the appliance.

  • Preloaded USB flash drive.
  • Access to the front panel of the appliance.

Reimaging the appliance with the preloaded USB flash drive

  1. Identify the appliance to be reimaged .

    If you are reinserting a repaired appliance, insert it now and allow 15 to 20 minutes for it to restart.

  2. Insert the preloaded USB flash drive into the USB port of the appliance to be reimaged.
    Inserting a preloaded USB drive in the appliance
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    USB ports in the appliance

  3. Connect to the HPE Synergy console to monitor the reimaging and rebooting operations:
    1. Connect a keyboard, video, and mouse to the DisplayPort and USB ports on either:
      • The front panel of the frame
      • The HPE Synergy Frame Link Module at the rear of the frame

      On connection, the HPE Synergy console is displayed.

    2. Click the monitor icon at the top right of the screen.
    3. Select the appliance to monitor from the Appliances submenu.

      A serial console window opens.

    4. Press Enter.
  4. Locate the Power/Reset LED indicator on the HPE Synergy appliance front panel.
  5. Use the applicator to press the pinhole button (located inside of the Power/Reset LED indicator) for more than 10 seconds.
    Button and Indicator panel
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    Pinhole button within Power/Reset indicator


    Power/Reset LED indicator


    Active LED indicator

    Momentarily press the pinhole button causes the appliance to reboot, but does not reimage it.

    After 10 seconds, the Active LED starts to flash, and the Power/Reset LED indicator turns amber, which means that the reimage process was triggered.

  6. Release the pinhole button as soon as you see the flashing Active LED.

    If connected, the HPE Synergy console shows progress messages. The front panel UID flashes blue throughout the reimage process.

    After reimaging, the appliance reboots, updates the firmware to the version stored on the preloaded USB drive, and starts HPE OneView. Reimaging is completed in approximately 90 minutes; at which time the initial HPE OneView login screen appears in the HPE Synergy console.

    For Image Streamer, the administrator must log in to the appliance maintenance console, shut down the Image Streamer appliance and reseat it. Reseating the appliance triggers the discovery, claim, and eventual cluster formation.


    During appliance reimage, you might encounter the following message:

    The appliance signature is not valid. Retry the reimage process with a USB that contains a properly signed appliance image. The reimage of appliance encountered errors and could not complete.

    If you see this message, you must first reimage the appliance to version 3.10.xx and then reimage to 4.0.xx.

  7. Verify that the appliance is reimaged by examining the firmware version number either on the Appliance panel of the Settings screen or by using the View details command of Maintenance console.
  8. Optionally, remove the preloaded USB flash drive and store it for possible future use.