Mount the OS volume using AMVM

  • Privileges: Infrastructure administrator, Software administrator

  • Note the iSCSI initiator name from the Server Profiles screen in HPE OneView user interface.

  • Note the Storage IPv4 address of the deployment appliance from the Deployment Appliances screen in Image Streamer user interface.

  • Note the OS volume name from the OS Volumes screen in the Image Streamer user interface.

  1. Start the virtual machine.
  2. Log in to the virtual machine using the Management IPv4 address of the virtual machine through a SSH connection. The default password for the AMVM root account is hpvse123.
    1. Change the password while logging in for the first time.
  3. Execute the script available at /etc/image-streamer/amvm/ to change the iSCSI initiator of the virtual machine to match the compute module that is assigned to the OS volume.
    Specify the iSCSI initiator name.
    Executing the script

  4. Reboot the virtual machine using the reboot command.
  5. Connect to the virtual machine and execute the script available at /etc/image-streamer/amvm/ to mount the OS volume.
    Specify the OS volume name and Storage IPv4 address.
    Executing the script

  6. Verify content of the OS volume that is available at /root/osvolume/ location.
    Verifying content of the mounted OS volume