Plan Scripts

Plan Script forms a part of the deployment or capture process. The Plan Scripts are guestfish scripts that are used to accomplish the personalization (deployment) or generalization (capture) processes. Deploy type Plan Script is used to perform a deployment and Capture type Plan Script is used to perform a capture. Deploy type Plan Scripts contain Custom Attributes. Custom attributes are used to provide server-specific configuration information. By default, custom attributes are of Type string and can be later modified in the OS Build Plan.

During the personalization process, all the Plan Scripts available in the OS Build Plans are combined and the custom attributes are replaced with the specified values. The combined script is then executed in the guestfish environment.

You can include log messages in Plan Scripts to notify the Server administrator of any errors while executing the Plan Script. The log messages are displayed in the server profile activity. You can include these log messages in the following format:

echo "ImageStreamerLog: [log message]"

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