Artifact bundles

An artifact bundle is a user created zip file that contains artifacts such as Golden Images, Plan Scripts, OS Build Plans, and Deployment Plans. The artifacts contained in the artifacts bundle can either be customer created, Hewlett Packard Enterprise provided, or a combination of both. Multiple artifact bundles can also be created on an appliance.

The following list describes the different actions that can be performed with an artifact bundle:
  • An artifact bundle is created on an appliance from existing artifacts on the appliance.

  • An artifact bundle can be downloaded or uploaded to another Image Streamer deployment server.

  • An artifact bundle can be unpacked and extracted. Extract operation copies and expands the artifacts from the bundle into the appliance.

  • You can also set the read-only attribute for the artifacts placed in a bundle to prevent further modification even after you load them on another appliance. However, you can still copy these types of artifacts to create an editable copy.