About designating the HPE Synergy Image Streamer primary cluster

The primary appliance:

  • is the cluster where the Image Streamer user interface runs.

  • provides the interface for managing artifacts and detailed status and maintenance of Image Streamer appliances.

  • coordinates deployment as directed by the server profile. The server profile is the interface for controlling deployment.

The primary appliance is selected when the Image Streamer deployment server is added. Any Image Streamer appliance can be selected as the primary appliance. Changing the primary does not disrupt server access to OS volumes.

About changing a primary appliance

All Image Streamer appliances not designated as the primary are considered secondary appliances. A secondary appliance hosts and serves the operating system volumes for the compute modules in its logical enclosure and acts as a backup in case the primary appliance fails. If there are appliance-related issues or a need to remove or decommission the primary appliance, another Image Streamer can be selected as primary cluster by editing the deployment server.

OS deployment is not possible until the deployment server is edited to select a primary. The new primary requires time to reconfigure and take control of the group of appliances. During this time servers continue to have uninterrupted access to OS volumes.

Before the primary is physically removed, a new primary should be selected. If the primary is removed before selecting a new primary, it will not be possible to manage artifacts and OS deployment will fail. Once a new primary is selected, normal operation will resume.

For instructions on how to change a primary Image Streamer appliance, see HPE OneView Help for HPE Synergy.