Informational icons





Provides a graphical representation of the relationships between the current resource and other resources

Activity control

Provides a recent history of user and appliance initiated tasks and alerts

Session control

Displays your login name and the duration of your current session. Also provides a link you can use to log out of the appliance.

Help control

  • When this icon is at the top of a dialog box, you can click it to open context-sensitive help for that topic in another window or tab.

  • In the banner, this icon expands or collapses the Help sidebar, where you can browse the help documentation or find help on the screen currently displayed. The help sidebar provides the following:

    • A Help on this page hyperlink to access context-sensitive help for the current screen

    • A Browse help hyperlink to access the entire help system

    • Links that you can use to display the EULA and the Written Offer.