Building blocks of Image Streamer

Image Streamer uses the following artifacts for deployment:
Plan Script

A guestfish script used to accomplish deployment or capture process. A Plan Script is used in OS Build Plans for both the deployment and capture processes.

OS Build Plans

A set of Plan Scripts used to add, modify, or remove the configuration of a server volume during the deployment or capture process.

Golden Image

A block for block copy of a previously deployed OS volume that can be customized for simultaneous multiple deployments.

Deployment Plan

A combination of a Golden Image and OS Build Plan that serves as an input for the server profile that is used for deployment of stateless servers.

Artifact Bundles

A bundle of artifacts that allows other artifacts to be packaged into a single archive file. This packaging allows the artifacts to be moved between different Image Streamer appliances. This format is used for the release of Hewlett Packard Enterprise provided artifacts.

Sample artifacts provided by Hewlett Packard Enterprise might be used for OS deployment or to help development of customized artifacts. As mistakes in custom attributes can result in OS deployment failures, technical support will typically request those issues to be reproduced with the artifacts provided by Hewlett Packard Enterprise. The sample artifacts provided by Hewlett Packard Enterprise have names starting with HPE with their copyright details. To be certain, the artifacts provided by Hewlett Packard Enterprise validate the SHA1 with online Hewlett Packard Enterprise defined values. You may want to copy these artifacts to change customization functionality and include additional custom attributes for configuration settings.