Activity filter sidebar details

Screen component


Click the left pin icon to collapse the Activity filter sidebar and expand the filter options in the Activity heading.

Click the right pin icon to collapse the filter options in the Activity heading and expand the Activity filter sidebar.

Filter options




Click this button to reset all filter options to their default values and refresh the activity list.

This action also clears the Smart Search box.

This button appears at the top of the Activity filter sidebar and at the end of the Activity heading.


Select Needs attention to display uncleared activities with a status of Critical or Warning. Otherwise, select All to display all activities.

Default value: All


Select the type of activity to display in the activity list.

Default value: All types


Display activities by status.

Default value: All statuses


Display activities by state.

Default value: All states


Display activities that occurred within a given time frame.

Default value: All time


Displays the alerts assigned to a given user

Displays the tasks this user performed

Default value: All owners that have previously been assigned to an alert

Support state

Displays activities by service alert status.

Default value: All service alerts