Clear an activity

Use the following procedure to change the state of an activity (usually an alert) to Cleared.


Clearing an activity does not delete it.

Typically, you would clear an activity when the alert is no longer a concern and the health of the resource is not affected by that event. Because a Cleared activity is hidden from view, changing the state to Cleared helps reduce the number of activities displayed.


You cannot clear a Locked activity.

  • Infrastructure administrator, Network administrator, Server administrator, Storage administrator, and Software administrator

  1. From the main menu, select Activity to navigate to the screen.
  2. To select a single activity, click a row.

    To select multiple activities, press and hold the Ctrl key.

  3. Select Actions > Clear.
  4. Verify that the activity you cleared is no longer listed on the Activity screen.

    You can view all cleared activities when you filter activites.

Alternatively, you can clear a single activity by clicking the x in the last column of its activity list entry.