Add a note to an alert

As a privileged user, you can add notes to an alert. Notes are visible to all users. Only privileged users can add or delete a note.

You can use notes to pass on information when assigning an owner to an alert. For example, you could remind them of a similar event and how it was addressed.

By default, the Activity screen hides notes and displays a note icon to indicate how many notes are associated with each alert. You can expand the alert to view and add notes.

The appliance automatically adds notes to record system events. For example, when an alert is cleared, the appliance adds a note to it. You cannot delete appliance-generated notes.

  • Any user role.

  1. From the main menu, select Activity.
  2. Locate the alert where you want to add the note.
  3. Expand the view for the alert.
  4. Enter your text in the Write a note box and then press Enter.
  5. Verify that the note appears in the Notes section.
  6. To delete the note, click the corresponding icon. icon.