Activity states

  • Alert activity

    • Active state

      The alert has not been cleared or resolved.

      A resource’s active alerts are considered in the resource’s overall health status.

      Active alerts contribute to the alert count summary.

    • Locked state

      An Active alert that was set (locked) by an internal resource manager.

      You cannot manually clear a Locked alert. Examine the corrective action associated with an alert to determine how to fix the problem. After the problem is fixed, the resource manager moves the alert to the Active state. At that time, you can clear or delete the alert.

      A resource’s locked alerts contribute to its overall status.

    • Cleared state

      The alert was addressed, noted, or resolved. You clear an activity when it no longer needs to be tracked.

      The appliance clears certain activities automatically.

      Cleared activities do not affect the resource’s health status and they are not counted in the displayed summaries.

  • Service alert activity

    • Pending

      The support case is pending submission to HPE.

    • Submitted

      The support case has been submitted to HPE.

    • Received

      HPE has received the support case.

    • Open

      The support case is open.

    • Closed

      The support case is closed.


      A support case can be closed without any action:

      • If it is for a test event

      • If the device is not enabled for remote support

      • If the device is not covered under support contract or under warranty

    • Error

      The service request encountered an error during processing.

    • None

      There is no service alert. This is the default value.

  • Task activity

    • Completed

      The task started and ran to completion.

    • Running

      The task has started and is running, but has not yet completed.

    • Pending

      The task has not yet run.

    • Interrupted

      The task ran, but was interrupted. For example, it could be waiting for a resource

    • Error

      A task failed or generated a Critical alert.

      Investigate Error states immediately.

    • Terminated

      A task was gracefully shut down or cancelled.

    • Warning

      An event occurred that might require your attention. A warning can mean that something is not correct within the appliance.

      Investigate Warning states immediately.