About activities

An activity is a record of a user- or system-initiated action or task or an alert message to inform you that an event occurred that requires your attention.

An alert message is an important troubleshooting tool. It indicates when an event occurred and which resource reported it. An alert message provides details about the event and suggests a solution.

If a user- or system-initiated action is complete, there is a record for it. If an action is not complete, you can see which subtasks were completed or are still running and which subtasks are interrupted or stopped.

The appliance interleaves tasks, alerts, and administrator's notes into a single view, which simplifies the correlation of user activity with system health.

You can view all activities, filter the activities by several criteria to view only those you want to see, or search for a specific activity.

You can assign alerts to the appropriate administrator for their timely resolution. When issues are investigated and resolved, you can clear them so they no longer require your attention.

You can annotate alert messages to keep an historical record of issues and their resolutions, or you can note a decision that affected the alert resolution.