Deployment appliances screen details

The master pane of the deployment appliances screen displays the names of the available deployment appliances. The details pane displays the following details related to the individual appliance pairs in the deployment group:
  • The overall health status of the selected appliance pair. The health status includes the health and the space available on the appliances in the pair.

  • The name of the deployment group, logical enclosure, and the management pair configured for the appliance group.

  • The location of the active and standby appliances in a pair, along with their roles in the cluster. It also displays the pairing information about the active and standby appliances, firmware versions of the active and standby appliances, and their network addresses (IPv4 and IPv6, storage version information, and storage pair information).

  • The OS volumes and expanded golden images space usage as Volume space. The artifacts and golden image space usage as Artifact space.

You can also use the Actions option to perform a number of appliance-related activities. You can Create support dump, Update appliance, Restart appliance, and Shutdown an appliance.