Create a Plan Script


Minimum required privileges: Infrastructure administrator, Software administrator

  1. From the main menu, select Plan Scripts.
  2. From the master pane of the Plan Scripts screen, select either Create plan script, or select Create from the Actions menu.
  3. Provide the following details:
    1. Name — Specify a name for the Plan Script.
    2. Description— Specify a valid description for the Plan Script.
    3. Type— Select the type of operation that you intend to perform from Deploy and Capture. You can select the type General for both deploy and capture processes.
    4. Contents — Enter the script content for the type of Plan Script selected.

      The Deploy type Plan Script can contain custom attributes. The Capture and General type Plan Scripts cannot contain any custom attributes.

  4. Click Create to create a Plan Script with the provided details.

    The created Plan Scripts are listed in the master pane of the Plan Scripts overview page.