Copy a Deployment Plan


The referenced Golden Image and the OS Build Plan are not copied.


Minimum required privileges: Infrastructure administrator, Software administrator

  1. From the main menu, select Deployment Plans.
  2. From the Deployment Plan screen, select a Deployment Plan from the master pane.
  3. Select Copy from the Actions menu.
  4. Perform the following actions from the Copy Deployment Plan dialog:
    1. Name — Specify a name for the selected Deployment Plan.
    2. Description — Modify or add a description about the Deployment Plan.
    3. OS build plan — Search and reassign an OS Build Plan that you want to use for deployment.

      Custom attributes are available when you select an OS Build Plan. You can also modify the values of the custom attributes, before making a copy.

    4. Golden image — Search and reassign a Golden Image.
  5. Click OK to make a copy of the Deployment Plan.