About the graphical user interface

To learn the names of common areas, icons, and controls on a UI screen, see the numbered descriptions that appear after the image.

Screen topography Image Streamer screen topography
  1. Image Streamer main menu: The primary menu for navigating to resources. Click the icon or click anywhere in the area to expand the menu.

  2. View selector: Enables you to control the information displayed about a resource so that you can focus on what you are interested in.

  3. Map view icon: Provides a graphical representation of the relationships between the selected resource and other resources. To see these relationships, select the icon or the select theMap view in the view selector

  4. Actions menu: Provides the actions that are available to run on the current resource. Actions include, but are not limited to: adding, creating, deleting, removing, and editing a resource instance. If you do not have the appropriate permissions to perform an action, the action does not appear on the Actions menu.

  5. Activity control: Expands (or hides) a sidebar of recent appliance, resource, or user activity (from the current login session and browser window).

  6. Session control: This control enables the currently logged-in user to log out. In addition, it enables the currently logged-in user to operate in a less privileged mode.

  7. Help control: Expands (or hides) a sidebar which provides access to UI help, REST API help, and REST API reference.

  8. Activity sidebar: Shows recent alerts and task activity for the current resource. Use the Activity control icon to expand or hide this sidebar.

  9. Details pane: Provides all information known about a selected resource instance. To see details about a particular resource instance, click its name in the master pane.

  10. Master pane: Lists all resource instances that have been configured on the appliance. In some cases, a status icon indicates general health of the resource.

In addition to the screen components shown, every UI screen has a notifications area that notifies you when an event or activity requires your attention.

Some screens also have a filters sidebar that enables you to control the type of information displayed in the master pane.