Factory-provided artifact bundles

Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends that you always use the latest artifacts that are available at https://github.com/HewlettPackard/. However, if you do not have access to the Internet, you can use factory-provided artifact bundles available in the Image Streamer appliance.

After the first-time installation or a factory reset of the Image Streamer appliance, the foundation and support artifact bundles are created in the location /ci/etc/i3s/hpdefaultartifact.

The factory-provided artifact bundles are created during the OS deployment server creation on the primary Image Streamer appliance. You can view the factory-provided artifact bundles on the Artifact Bundles screen after creating an OS deployment server using HPE OneView.
Foundation bundle

The foundation artifact bundle consists of artifacts that enables you to perform basic Image Streamer operations such as creation of an empty OS volume, deployment of operating systems without any personalization, and capture of operating systems.

Support bundle

The support artifact bundle consists of artifacts that enable you to validate deployment and capture features of the Image Streamer appliance using a sample Golden Image.

The sample Golden Image (HPE - Support 1.0 - UEFI Test Image - 2016-11-17) provided in the Support artifact bundle requires UEFI support.

The factory-provided artifact bundles are read-only and are not extracted automatically. You can extract these artifact bundles to use the default artifacts. These factory-provided artifact bundles remain unaffected by a factory reset operation. During an appliance upgrade, the existing factory-provided artifact bundles are replaced with a new version, if the upgrade includes a new version of the factory-provided artifact bundles.